Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jacqui Gets A Proposal

There was the possibility that this particular Saturday would be a memorable one at Gomorrah Square, and that possibility would be decided by Jacqui, pictured here making an appearance on the square.  Known around here as “Giant-Jugged Jacqui”, she was the irrepressible sort who would be considered quite normal anywhere else, but here in Cracker County, she is an immoral slut in need of the harshest discipline and punishment.  Hence, here she is in, what is for her, a common scene—strapped to the whipping post on the square and ready for our local matron to give her a good, healthy whipping.

Today, instead of wondering why her whipping was considered “healthy”, Jacqui’s attention was focused on a particular, purpose-built machine added to the square.  The explanation for it was that whipping didn’t seem to make any discernible improvement in Jacqui’s behavior, so after today’s strokes were applied, Jacqui would be strapped into the machine in a rather obvious way.  Once situated, with the inevitable consequences of the machine’s function apparent to Jacqui, she would be offered a proposition.  If she accepted, she would be released from the machine, and would be off to fulfill the consequences of that proposition.

And if she didn’t accept?  Well, if she survived the machine’s singular function, she’d need a new nickname!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Witchy Patty - Complete!

Sorry to be so long in posting, but working on this pic just kept me laughing too hard...

I got off early on a Friday, so I went to the county library to get a book for the weekend, and while I was there I thought that I might check in with Patty Van Dyke to see what they were planning for that week's "Slut Night" (or as I like to think of it, "Librarians Gone Wild!").  The front desk librarian told me Patty was getting things ready for the evening in one of the lower conference rooms and that I could find her there.  I went downstairs, and when I was just outside the conference room door, I could hear moaning and a rhythmic slapping sound.  I opened the door, and there I found Patty in a somewhat familiar circumstance.  Normally inanimate objects had become perilously animated, and Patty was being stripped, bound, beaten, and...well, I just couldn't help myself.

"Patty, I don't think that's how you're supposed to ride that thing."

"RAOULSTER!!" Patty furiously exclaimed, but then, realizing she needed my help, her voice softened, "would you PLEASE help me?"

Apparently, she'd found some old books on witchcraft, and one had a spell that she wished to cast upon her fellow librarians for the evening--one that would let them experience their uninhibited sides.  The only problem was that Patty had cast the spell inwardly, and, while not meaning to, the scene revealed to me that many of the things she experiences here in Cracker County are not entirely unwanted!

The book was open on the room's table, and I tried to find in its ancient script the part that ends the spell.  "Please hurry, Raoulster..oooh!...Please!  I don't have much dress left--when those scissors finish with that, they'll start cutting my hair next!"  I found a promising phrase, spoke it, and the scissors fell lifelessly to the floor.  Still, the strap continued to blister Patty's exposed bottom, so I searched for the phrase that would stop that.  After erronously speaking one that intensified her beating, I finally found the right phrase, and the strap fell harmlessly to the floor.  However, Patty continued her "ride" on her broom, and the phrase to stop that was much harder to say--so hard, that each of my failures launched Patty into more and more acrobatic "flying manoevers".

"Oooo!  Raoulster! Pleeeease!!"  I was trying to keep my snickering to myself as Patty's distress became more and more pointed, but finally, I managed to utter the right phrase, the broom extracted itself from Patty, and, like the scissors and the strap, it too fell harmlessly to the floor.  I started to look for the phrasing that would untie Patty, but she asked me not to.  "I think the girls and I might enjoy this.  It's quite a good tie, and if the girls use their imagination, I'll enjoy it too!!"  I picked up the scissors and broom, but Patty asked me to leave the strap since she does appreciate discipline from the right hand.  Her evening plans now set, I took leave of her, and a last glance saw her squirming contentedly in her bondage.

The scissors I took back to the front desk, but I left the broom next to the conference room door...with a note suggesting a "flight plan" for it and Patty.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Balance Test Part 2

Ever since her legally sanctioned butchering, Sammy's life has been a continuing series of challenges.  True, some things had gone surprisingly well--a closer relationship with Patty Van Dyke and her friends, and increased interest in her adult dance acts to name two--but, as is the case with most things here in Cracker County, the deck was stacked against the busty little amputee.  In a small way, it was her fault.  She was quite open about the fact that she liked to mix bondage play with sex, but since her vicious amputations, it was difficult for her to be tied up as she liked.  However, the promoter at the adult club where she worked soon fixed that.

As entertaining as Sammy's one-legged hopping dances were, and while her ability to work a stripper pole was still sublime, putting her on display worked even better for the clientele.  In an alcove off the main dance floor, her arms secured behind her back in a shiny black single glove, she was positioned in a severe strappado.  But, what were those holes in the wall for?  It's almost as if a follow up is necessary…

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Human Subjects

Like other research institutions, the Cracker County Institute of Agriculture and Technology has a protocol for those situations where human subjects are involved.  However, one of the things that attracted Dr Betsy Mountwell to the Institute was that its Human Subjects Program had a protocol that largely was concerned with the safe disposal of human remains.  Betsy's research required many of her laboratory assistants to make the ultimate sacrifice for science, and at her previous university the questions she faced about the number of her assistants' disappearances were beginning to become uncomfortable.  Therefore, her recruitment by the CCIAT was as timely as it was welcome.

As has been noted, Betsy strongly believes in involving herself personally in her research.  While the project illustrated here was progressing rapidly to term, the progress was a bit more rapid than Betsy had planned, and she was anxious to discover if she could truly bear the final result of this experiment.  She did not want to introduce any variables, such as an X-ray, into this protocol, so an autopsy on an unadulterated version of the experiment was somewhat urgently needed.

While not quite willing, Betsy's assistant was quite ready and able to provide the means to answer the professor's critical question.  And though it was not the most efficient way to prepare the human subject for her autopsy, she knew her benefactors from the Cracker County Clan would find it quite entertaining!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Performance Review!

Like all employees at the Cracker County Public Library, Patty Van Dyke is subject to periodic performance reviews, and this picture illustrates the scene of her most recent.  The library had just hired a new head librarian, Miss Barbara Connell, and she had made it clear upon her introduction to the staff that she believed in discipline and that she had unique methods to instill that discipline.  Patty, for her part, was quite taken by her new boss, because not only is she a bibliophile, but she is also quite a "-phile" for women with busty, authoritarian figures like Miss Connell.  However, when Miss Connell called Patty to her office for her review on a recent Friday, Patty was caught a little off-guard.

Officially, Fridays are "casual-dress" at the library, but to the all-female staff, it is "Slut Night", and the girls play this out by teasing one another with suggestive outfits throughout the afternoon until closing, after which, a post-work "pleasing" party ensues.  The good girl Patty is, she tries to make her contributions as subtle as possible by foregoing undergarments rather that wearing something revealing, but, still, the other girls and the patrons find her arousing enough during her parades through the stacks and her frequent reaching and bending for books.

So when Patty sat down with Miss Connell in her office, one look at Patty's tight sweater told the head librarian that this review would require her to use her unique methodology.  She stood and strode around the office as she complimented Patty, "Your knowledge and application of library science is exemplary, you are punctual, and your helpful attitude towards the patrons is a benefit to this institution", then, once behind Patty, she asked her to stand.  Patty suddenly felt the familiar constriction of her arms being tightly bound behind her.  "But your adherence to the dress code seems to leave something to be desired."  And with that, she picked up a pair of shears and began to investigate beneath Patty's tight sweater and skirt.

As Patty's bra-less and panty-less guilt was revealed, she couldn't help a few seductive glances at her supervisor; after all, this wasn't so far from what she wanted to do with Miss Connell anyway.  "Did you find what you were looking for?  Anything that you like?"  Patty couldn't help her impertinence, and it infuriated Miss Connell.   "You shameless hussy!  Is that what you want?  For everyone to behave like you?"  And with that, Miss Connell began to disrobe!  "Let's just see how you like it if everyone goes around exposing themselves, Miss Van Dyke!"  The truth was, Patty liked it just fine, but she wasn't sure if she should say so, being bound, and eyeing those big scissors that Miss Connell placed on her desk while she took off her clothes.

Finally, down to just her garter belt, stockings, and heels, the bespectacled chief glared at her charge.  "Is this how you think we should run a library?"  "Well, maybe not during working hours, but...well, what are you doing later?" Patty asked, pushing another of Miss Connell's buttons.  "Oooo!  You just won't see the point of this...but maybe I have something that will help you."  Miss Connell stepped to her desk and reached underneath.  Patty heard a click, then a whirring sound as a punishment horse--a specialized one--descended from the ceiling. When the horse descended low enough, Miss Connell took the thick electrical cable that ran from underneath it and plugged it into an outlet on the floor.  "Whether or not you meet my expectations is going to depend upon your performance on this horse--mount up!"

Patty obediently straddled the horse, positioning herself in the obvious spot, and Miss Connell set the device in an upward motion.  "I am going to correct your behavior if it takes all night" Miss Connell threatened, but Patty didn't think that was such a bad idea at all.  The rising horse seemed more pleasuring than punishing, and as it proceeded in its intended way, Patty ask saucily, "Does this mean we're engaged?"  Patty could see that her object of desire was reaching her breaking point.  "You won't think this is so funny when I'm cutting off your hair, which I will do if you do not fulfill my expectations!"

However, as Patty was fulfilled by her bosses expectations, she had little doubt that she would earn an exemplary review...even if it took all night!

As I remember it...

...this is how it looked:

Now, obviously, I didn't draw this.  It was an ad in a magazine I peeked at a long time ago for a scandalous John Willie book, and I always wondered if he had been to Cracker County.  This scene is eerily played out often during the public corporal punishments meted out on Gomorrah Square by our county's Matrons of the Whip, so I thought that might have been his inspiration.

When I finally acquired this book, however, (The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline), I discovered that the above ladies were in two different pictures.  But now (ha, ha!) I have photoshop, and I have set things right!